Desert Ambiences

IMG 2051


I was recently given the privilege to work on Sharon StoneBill Zane and movie called The Mule a.k.a. Border run”. The movie takes place in desolate spaces in the desert between the US and Mexican border This posed a number of special Soundesign challenges because the backgrounds were so isolated desolate. The sound supervisor wanted very clean sounding background sounds where not much wildlife existed. Since these requests were unique I decided to go and record my own desert ambiences.

IMG 2061


I recorded the ambiences using a stereo recording technique called mid-side. This will allow me to create a left, center and right channel out of only two audio sources. The microphone I selected for this task were stereo set up Neumann KM 120 figure 8 and Neumann KM 140 cardioid microphone I paired with a Sound Devices 744T portable multitrack recorder.

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