Soundfield ST450 Ambisonic Goodness!

After a few years of lusting after and almost buying the 20 year old Soundfield ST 250 a ST 450 fell from the heavens into my hands! Ambisonics have always intrigued me. The flexibility of changing the image in post and the staggering ability to deliver a number mono compatible channel layouts from a single four channel file. Additionally B-Format is a very versatile so much so Goggle choose it for their VR platform among others. All of this aside i wanted to fill in the blanks about some of the unwritten specs and info about the ST 450.

The main pre-purchase issue i had was determining the dimensions. i searched the web endlessly! the dimensions of the ST 450 among other TSL products are not listed on their website. so determining if the ST 450 would fit in my AE stereo Rycote kit or if i would have to buy a new was tough! before TSL was acquired by Rode it was next to impossible to contact them in regards to a product unless you had already owned one of their systems. i still find their support to be lacking in response. i am extremely happy with product on the other hand. i hopefully things improve a bit.

The second issue i have had is small parts. I purchased a kit 1 which does not come with wind protection. I was lucky i could kind of fit the ST 450 into a exciting Rycote lyre. The difference in cost between kit 1 and kit 3 is pretty big. if you can utilize something you already own you should do that. i own a Rycote AE stereo kit that i rarely use and is a perfect starting point.  ideally i would just need to purchase lyre and lemo pigtail to enhance the functionality. To get any of these parts you need to contact Soundfield so far i have unsuccessfully in getting any information. i am baffled why Soundfield does not have a web store for some parts… anyway this is a issue




Without further a do here are the dimensions for the Soundfield St450


Soundfield St450

Length 7.5″

Width 2″


Control Box

Length 6″

Width 5″

Height 2″



Length 17″

Width 12.5″

Height 7″

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