Midside Comparison Schoeps CCM vs Sennheiser MKH 80

There are a lot people out there who wonder and ponder what the sonic differences between Schoeps and Sennheiser’s MKH lines are. This last weekend with a little spare time between my son and wife i decided up should pop up both sets and take a listen.


The Microphones IMG 1287

Schoeps Midside Set

– Schoeps CCM 41 (hyper)
– Schoeps CCM 8 (Fig. 8)

Sennheiser Midside Set

Sennheiser MKH 80 (hyper)
– Sennheiser MKH 80 (Fig. 8)

The Test

The test was a pretty short spur of the moment test. Nothing critical or that would be used for a job. Just something i had wanted to do for a while as i had the mics just sitting there. The setting is Orange County CA late afternoon. I think both sets sound great. it is just a matter of preference and application. i will almost always pick my MKH’s over the CCM’s as they are just more flexible. Although for spot FX recording the CCM are put to use a bit more. In the future i would like to add a CCM 5 to my locker and do some extended traveling.

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